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i seen fear before today, it was pretty lame that basically the whole crowd was there to see underoath...a i mean a decent amount of people did know fear before and such, but still, and how they played first..idk just my opinion.
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i agree, thats how the show was in seattle. But fbtmof still played extremely well.
yeah they were extremely amazing.
i love underoath but they must be extream losers if they didnt know fear before.
i love underoath also..but fear before is deffidently alot better, and deserve alot more recognition than what they got.
i agree.
i hate these posts
i can care less.
notice the fucking line "in my opinion"
..its my opion. i dont need yours.
the philly show sold out right after underoath posted the link to order tickets on their site. the day before i got the money to go.
wait did you get to go or not?
Fear before opened in Phoenix too, Which kinda sucked but at least I didnt come late, or have to deal with their lighting at the end of the show.
that's how it's been the whole entire tour. although, they did play a decent show in anaheim because there were more of their fans there than there was the previous night.